The GrayTech Concrete was established that the concrete is a mineral product used as a raw material, which in today's architectural style and needs of pushing the boundaries.
Whether fineconcrete, design concrete, photo concrete or cold ceramic, GrayTech Concrete always strives to set the highest possible quality products to our customers.
It is no coincidence fell on the choice of raw materials such as concrete, because our age is an important aspect of environmental protection. The products are made from environmentally friendly "blue technology".

Not burned for products such as ceramics, there is no CO2 emissions, it will not be any harmful substances into the environment during the manufacturing process. It is derived from the name: COLD CERAMIC.
Our products are assorted minerals, CE excellent ingredients are made with precision craftsmanship. The finished product resistance, high technical contents of our competitors are.
Whether it is through custom-made furniture on the large or the small concrete wall coverings quite dísztárgyakig, GrayTech Concrete undertake the challenge!




Általános termék tulajdonságok

nyomószilárdság 2 nap:  42,0 N/mm2 

húzó-hajlító szilárdság 2 nap:  2,0 N/mm2

nyomószilárdság 28 nap: >60,0 N/mm2   

húzó-hajlító szilárdság 28 nap: >7,0 N/mm2